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Historien bakom namnet Andra Augusti

Many people wonder where the name Andra Augusti (the second of August) comes from. Actually, it is the date on a picture hanging in the home of company founder Caroline. Here Caroline tells the story about how she came up with the name Andra Augusti.

“I had decided to start a company and sell my jewelry in a webshop. Now I just needed a name for the company to be able to register a domain name and get to work. But what was the shop’s name going to be? I thought long and hard and tested a whole number of different options but nothing felt quite right. Then one late summer evening, I was sitting at home in my sofa, watching a documentary about the font “Helvetica”.

A calendar in the documentary caught my attention and I began to think about the names of the months. After a while I completely lost focus on the documentary and instead tried out the different months in my head. How would April sound? No, too rainy. January? Too cold.

Somewhere around that time a picture to one side of the TV caught my eye. I inherited it from my grandparents and it is very dear to me. It is a charcoal drawing of my grandmother’s father Gustav. In the bottom left corner was the signature “Cato 02.08 – 67”. The second of August (Andra Augusti) sounded neither too cold nor too rainy. That was going to be the name of my webshop!”