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Product information
Each piece of jewelry created by Andra Augusti is unique. Since it’s made from recycled porcelain there may be a few small scratches, which we think is part of the charm. The porcelain is carefully selected to maintain consistent high quality and Andra Augusti only uses porcelain that is free from cracks. Porcelain is a fragile material and you should handle it with care.

The back pieces of all Andra Augusti’s pendants, earrings and rings are made from sterling silver.

When buying a necklace you can choose between a silver-plated chain or a sterling silver chain.

The back pieces of all Andra Augusti’s brooches are nickel safe according to EU regulations. This means that they contain a maximum of 0.05% nickel.

Cleaning and polishing your jewelry
Sterling silver darkens with time, but you can always polish it to restore its original shine. Factors that might affect the color of the silver are for example oxidation, pollution, perfumes, lotions, cosmetics, and some medications (e.g. cortisone). You can polish your silver jewelry with polish intended for silverware, which can be purchased in well-stocked paint and hobby shops or in our web shop.

If the porcelain part of the jewelry gets dirty you can clean it carefully with water and a little soap.

Taking care of your jewelry
To avoid scratching or damaging your Andra Augusti jewelry in other ways we recommend you to take good care of it. A good idea is to save the jewelry box and keep the jewelry in the box when you are not wearing it. In that way you will not risk scratching the jewelry. Also try to avoid exposing your jewelry to humid environments. We recommend that you take your Andra Augusti jewelry off when showering or bathing.

If your jewelry breaks
In the unlikely event that your jewelry should break, you are always welcome to contact us. You always receive one year’s warranty on all Andra Augusti jewelry, and during this time we repair your jewelry for free. You can find more information about returns under Terms & Conditions.

Do you have questions?
You are most welcome to write to us at customer@andraaugusti.se if you have any questions.