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Caroline Ahlbäck - Andra Augusti

Andra Augusti creates unique, personal jewelry from recycled Nordic design porcelain and was founded by Caroline Ahlbäck in Umeå in the north of Sweden. The inspiration for the company came to Caroline one summer when she was walking along the roadside and saw a pretty, broken plate. Instead of throwing it away, she picked it up, took it home, and turned it into jewelry.

Porcelain bears both history and memories. It can make you remember your childhood or a dear relative who always served coffee in that particular pottery. This makes Andra Augusti’s jewelry both personal and unique.

Andra Augusti wants to encourage people to think about sustainability, which is why the jewelry is created from already broken porcelain. Instead of throwing away a chipped plate and contributing to the world’s growing mountains of waste, Andra Augusti turns it into unique jewelry.

Here you can read more about how Caroline came up with the name Andra Augusti.

Would you like to have your old porcelain turned into jewelry?
If your inherited family porcelain breaks, Andra Augusti can turn it into a personal piece of jewelry for you to wear as a beautiful memento. Just send an email to caroline@andraaugusti.se and we’ll find a solution together!

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E-mail: caroline@andraaugusti.se